Anchor Drag Alarm App

Here’s an interesting new anchor drag alarm app that may help you sleep better…

Boat Sentry was designed by a cruising boater who wanted more options and visuals than was available from the multi-function display screen, the most expensive electronics or the hard to use and limited in scope mobile apps currently available.

Boat Sentry will give you complete control over how you anchor in any situation with any number of anchors. The controls are extremely simple and assistive to give you the most peace of mind while anchoring in and around reefs, shallows, other boats and obstacles.

Also, the Boat Sentry development team wants your feedback to help improve the features that enhance your peace of mind and security while anchoring.  So, we have a feedback form that goes directly to the developers included in the Boat Sentry App.

For more information and to get the app visit

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