New Procedures Announced for Clearance into Fiji

On arrival in Fiji waters, fly the ‘Q’ flag. On approach, contact Port Control on VHF Channel 16 to request entry into port. Skipper and crew must remain on board until clearance is completed. This must be done within 24 hours of arrival.

Prior Notification of Arrival – NEW Procedure July 2013

Yachts arriving from overseas now only complete the revised Advance Notice Form C2-C (this is much longer and comprehensive than the old one). The previous requirement to also complete and email the Biosecurity, Customs and Health forms no longer applies. Just the one form C2-C suffices.

This revised Form C2-C must be emailed or faxed to the Fijian authorities not less than 48 hours prior to arrival.It is also necessary to attach a scanned photo of your boat and also a copy of the Captain’s passport. You send these 2 pictures, along with a scanned copy of your completed Form C2-C. This is NEW requirement.

On arrival, it will be necessary to complete the forms for Biosecurity, Health, Quarantine and Customs. The fees for Biosecurity and Health fees have recently increased considerably. See Fees below.

The forms and pictures can be emailed or faxed to the Customs office at or faxed (679) 330 2929 or 3301186. Alternatively, phone (679) 324 3000.

Cruisers have reported that when they asked for it, e-mail confirmation of receipt was sent by Customs.

The penalties for failure to comply may be a fine in the order of F$20,000 and/or 2 years imprisonment.

Not having access to the internet does not appear to be accepted as an excuse. Even being forced to stop in Fiji due to sail and engine problems will invite a thorough inspection and difficulties in obtaining a cruising licence.


For vessels arriving from Healthy Ports (free of Malaria, Yellow Fever or any other dangerous communicable diseases), Radio Pratique (approval to berth alongside) may be requested, however, the Health Quarantine officers may still board your vessel for inspection.

Fiji is currently free of Malaria; and would like to keep it that way. Therefore, if you are travelling from or through any of the ports that have been identified as Malarial Areas (Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia (north of the latitude of Brisbane), Panama Canal, the East Indies, Asia, or any port or place in which malaria carrying mosquitoes are present.) within the last 50 days, this information must be declared on your pre-arrival form. The Health Quarantine department will need to carry out an on board inspection and if arriving within 12 days, your vessel will need to be sprayed.

There is a fee applicable for inspection and/or spraying which is dependent upon the size of the vessel.

Clearance Procedures

On approach, call Port Control on VHF Ch.16 to request permission to enter the port, and proceed directly to the designated quarantine area indicated on the chart. Fly the international Q flag and await instructions or arrival of the correct authorities. Apart from pratique, Customs, Immigration or Quarantine officers, no one should be allowed to board the vessel, nor any person or article leave the vessel until all clearances are granted.

Working hours for clearance are from Monday to Thursday 08:00-13:00, 14:00- 16:30; Friday 08:30-13:00, 14:00-16:00. Overtime charges will need to be paid outside of these hours. Documents required are: Clearance certificate from the previous port or country; Crew list with details of passport numbers, nationality and age; Valid passports.

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