Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Anchoring Antics

Picking the perfect spot amongst anchored boats is somewhat of an art form. There are a number of questions and variables to consider and pretty much all of those can be answered on your own, except for one. How much scope do your neighbors have out? Too little and they may drag. Too much and they may take up the entire anchorage. You can have a fairly good idea, but you really don’t know unless you watch them anchor.

Recently, while anchoring with about a dozen other boats we choose a spot and settled in. After sitting for a few minutes I decided we were swinging too close to another boat and decided to move; not far, but we moved. Later, when the wind died, the same boat came drifting on over and ended up less than a boat length away. Again, we moved, but further away this time. “What is going on with that boat?” I thought. Standing and considering the scene, I looked at all the other boats and how they were swinging and it took me a moment before I realized: The wayward vessel had too much rode paid out and was creating a massive swinging area where no other boats could anchor. Did they do this on purpose? I hope not, but it at least made me think about anchoring etiquette and how important it is to consider the other boats anchored around you.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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