Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Cruise With Your Friends

The morning after watching a spectacular fireworks display I arose early and climbed to our first set of spreaders for a photo op. We were rafted nine boats wide with rigs offset, bows pointed opposite one another, a litany of flags waving in the breeze and anchors securely holding. As the raft was breaking up, everyone was chattering about where to go next and someone said, “that’s the great part, it doesn’t really matter!” From there, three of us opted for a glorious 30 mile run and reach north to a different anchorage and rafted up again, others stayed and some went south.

What struck me though, was that when you’re out cruising in company with friends, it’s true, the destination genuinely doesn’t matter. It is more about getting there and the bonds that are created that makes the lifestyle such an immense pleasure to live.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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