Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Derelict Disaster

While swinging at anchor typing away in my cockpit, I heard the engine of a passing motorboat. Not thinking anything of it I didn’t look up from my computer. Soon after though, the soft sound of a well-maintained outboard came idling from a-stern and when I looked up it was a King County Sheriff boat with an officer positioned at the bow, line in hand and ready to come along side.

The officers aboard were doing their weekly run through the area taking a survey of derelict boats and decided to stop for a safety inspection. The inspection was quick and painless, but I was most interested in the derelict boat problem they were tackling. What became abundantly clear from our conversation is that many states are spending exorbitant amounts of money to locate owners of these broken down craft or move them and get rid of their carcasses. The sad part of this has many facets. It’s too bad that once beautiful boats are derelict at all, that states or local governments have to spend money on such a problem and that officers have to go around chasing derelict boat owners instead of working on real public safety issues. I guess as boat owners, the way to solve this problem is to take care of our boats, sell them or donate them instead of just leaving them to rot. Seems reasonable to me.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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