Video of the Week: Remembering Capt. Alex Rust

At some point, we all leave this world, but few of us see it all. Alex Rust did.

His brother, Joe Rust said “he treated every day like a gift. That’s what we learned from him. You have to live every day like it’s your last.”

On what would have been Alex’s 29th birthday, his family and friends from around the world gathered in Seymour Indiana to remember Alex’s adventurous spirit, which was captured in this home video of his journey around the world aboard his sailboat he called Bubbles.

“He was always looking for something different, something unique, some way to see and explore the earth, life and other people,” Joe said. “To him, it was do it all out to the fullest and just go.”

Alex spent three years sailing around the world.

With the help of his mother’s world-map, Capt. Alex Rust outlines the route he took when he sailed his boat Bubbles around the world in 2010-2012.

He came home, but then set off on another mission, which was working in an orphanage in India.

His brother Dave said whenever he’d go to an island, he’d go to an orphanage and get the kids on the boat and let them sail around the port or whatever.

His brother Solomon said that for him, working in the orphanage was just a way of giving back to the people he always saw in need along the way.

While in India, Alex got sick with typhoid fever and a few days later, on May 28th, he passed away in his sleep.

Alex’s story is the kind of local legends, already inspiring those he’s never even met. Some even helped paint the sign where traditionally the high school seniors paint their class year. Of course, it’s a tradition Alex started. “He was the first one to take that step into unknown waters and when you saw his determination, you wanted to be right there behind him to witness and be a part of the stories he was telling,” Joe said.

He’s a man who lived more in 28 years than most live in 100 — his final blog post speaks volumes about what he discovered.

Story courtesy of Brooke Katz/

Videos courtesy of Christopher Cochrane

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