Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Conversation Planning

One of my favorite things about living aboard a sailboat is the socializing. And a funny part of that is, when entertaining aboard you can pretty much map out how your conversations are going to go based on the sailing experience of your guests. Complete newbies, usually friends who have never stepped foot on a sailboat before, are typically astonished by the amount of living space, or lack there of; marvel at the “ingenious” ways that things are stored; and are quite curious about the lack of modern conveniences, i.e. washing machine, microwave and television. These conversations are amusing and often end with them saying, “Wow, I want to live on a boat.”

On the other hand, conversations with experienced sailors still tend to be about the boat, but the focus is completely different. With sailors, you are very likely to talk about your diesel engine, which may lead to a showing where you’ll explain how easy or hard it is to change the oil. From there, the topic of maintenance is in full swing and a veritable tennis match of projects will get volleyed back and forth. The thing about entertaining both parties though, is that they leave knowing where you’re coming from; the newbies now know what the inside of a sailboat looks like and the sailors go back to their boats with a list of comparisons.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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