Standup paddleboards (SUPs) have been steadily gaining in popularity over the past few years and Morris Yachts has not only taken notice, they’ve done something about it…

Morris Yachts challenged the norm in cruising sailboat manufacturing by announcing the design of their new custom Inflatable Standup Paddleboard (iSUP) as an added benefit with the purchase of an M46 sailing yacht. While paddle boarding often overlaps with the sailing lifestyle, no semi-custom production sailboat manufacturer has ever offered a custom paddleboard alongside a sailing yacht, until now.

To create the board, Morris Yachts partnered with Hawaii-based C4Waterman to develop a custom board for this boat. This board is 10’9″ and perfect for beginners all the way through to experts. The 34″ width gives it both extra volume and provides a very stable ride, taking the rider instantly to the next level.

“Morris Yachts prides itself in creating exceptional yachting and yacht ownership experiences,” says Doug Metchick, CEO Morris Yachts. “Offering a custom paddleboard is just another way we can enhance our customers’ time on the water and help them get the most out of their sailing lifestyle and, ultimately, their Morris.” The M46 hit the industry by storm in March 2013 and has been coined the most “versatile” of Morris’s M-Series line up. She was designed to meet the demands of today’s active sailing family and her innovative drop down transom design provides easy and convenient water access for the Morris iSUP.

In keeping with the attention to detail Morris is renowned for, the company offers an elegant on-board storage solution for the Morris iSUP. “The iSUP and storage bag will slip neatly into its allocated place in the M46′s bow locker where it is held in place by a security strap. When ready for use, all the owner has to do is release the strap and lay the board flat on the nearby foredeck to inflate it,” says Peter Smith, Chief Engineer for Morris Yachts. A pump with pressure gauge, carry bag, paddle, deck pad and hand hold are all included with the Morris iSUP.

For more information on the M46 and the custom paddleboard, visit

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