Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Less is More

I’ve been sailing my whole life and a parent for only seven weeks, but I can already draw a distinct similarity between the two. When other sailors and parents find out that you are a sailor or parent, unsolicited comments, advice and stories are sure to follow. And while some of these opinions and ruminations are helpful, others are not.

Take for instance, recent conversations involving bottom paint and diaper rash cream. There are many types out there and they all do basically the same thing. But, if a neighbor in the marina or fellow new parent used a certain type and it worked well on their bottom, it will probably work on yours too, which makes sense because you can see the results. That is helpful. Not helpful though, is when sailors and parents tell you to buy gear you absolutely do not need. Lists of sailing and parenting equipment are endless and I have found that, in general, less is more. Especially when the two worlds collide on a 39-foot sailboat.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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