Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Just Sail It

We gingerly motored out of the marina in Friday Harbor, set the main and shut down the engine just a few boat lengths from the entrance. That was the most the engine moved us forward for the next 75 or so miles. 13 hours later, Jill sailed us into the marina in Seattle and I dropped the main and worked the dock lines as we glided to a stop in our slip.

The issue was, half of our folding prop had fallen off a few days prior and I wanted to haul the boat in Seattle to put the new one on. Sailing was our only option and with a favorable forecast, it wasn’t a bad one. I figured that if we sailed fast enough to hit all the currents at the right time it wouldn’t be a problem. And it wasn’t. We sailed fast averaging 5.5 knots and the trip turned out to be a great time, with beautiful conditions. I guess, sometimes engines are just overrated.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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