Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Death and Taxes

There are said to be just a few certainties in life, but there are many in cruising. One of those is that not only do things break; they just flat-out don’t work when we need them to. The good thing is though, that’s A-Okay with most cruisers. The reason? We’re resourceful people and being generally laid-back is in our very nature. Engine quits on you? You’ve got sails. Tank gauges won’t read properly? Fill them up and keep track. Refrigerator stops running? Glorified cooler. And the list goes on.

The key to all this self-sufficient behavior is being in tune with what works so that when it doesn’t, you know how to either fix it or simply do without. The truth of it is, living and cruising on a sailboat puts us in a unique position to intimately know every system and square inch of our vessel. From the stitching on our sails and wires strung through our bulkheads, to the clarity of our oil and condition of our bottom paint. Having all this essential knowledge is not only part of the cruising lifestyle, it’s part of the adventure. And while we may be cursing when our head is in the bilge, we’re usually all smiles when telling the story later.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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