Haiti: Second Life for Used Sails Project Earns SSCA “Clean Wake” Endorsement

Cruisers’ used sails and fishing gear can have a second life.

The Second Life Sails project planned to assist Haitian fishermen who rely on sail-powered boats, received the approval this week of the Seven Seas Cruising Association (SSCA) as an SSCA endorsed “Clean Wake” project.

“Frequently people find themselves with used sails and surplus sailcloth as well as fishing gear that have useful life in them – but no way to get them to folks who would put that second life to good use,” said Frank Virgintino, author of A Cruising Guide to Haiti and frequent visitor to the enchanting Ile à Vache on Haiti.

“A contribution of materials and gear that supports the principal livelihood of the island is a priceless ‘thank you’ to a community that has been very welcoming to cruising boats for generations.”

Ile à Vache fishermen build their own boats and are already talented at sailmaking and recycling, using materials from bedsheets to tarpaulins for their sails. Used sailcloth provides a more durable and reliable resource.

It starts when the donations are delivered or sent to either Marina ZarPar in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic (www.marinazarpar.com) or to Minneford Marina on City Island, New York (www.minnefordmarina.com).

The first delivery of used sails took place in February to Ile à Vache where they were distributed by a free raffle.

Second Life Sails is jointly sponsored by Free Cruising Guides and Marina ZarPar,who handle the logistics and underwrite the cost of transporting donated sails and gear to Ile à Vache, Haiti.

To read more about the Second Life Sails project and life on Ile à Vache, visit www.freecruisingguides.com.

For further information on how to participate in Second Life Sails, email fvirgintino@gmail.com.

For descriptions of all SSCA endorsed Clean Wake projects, visit www.ssca.org.

Courtesy of www.noonsite.com

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