Cutty Sark Correction

We want to extend our most sincere apologies to the the Cutty Sark museum and to anyone who may have been offended by last week’s Cruising Compass report on the Cutty Sark being destroyed by fire. While the aforementioned fire did happen in 2006, the famous Cutty Sark has since been beautifully restored and is now on display in Greenwich, London, England.

Cutty Sark was reopened in April 2012, beginning a new chapter in the extraordinary life of the last surviving tea clipper, the fastest and greatest of her time. She is a living testimony to the bygone, glorious days of sail and, most importantly, a monument to those that lost their lives in the merchant service.

Venture aboard and beneath one of the world’s most famous ships. Walk along the decks in the footsteps of the merchant seamen who sailed her over a century ago. Explore the hold where precious cargo was stored on those epic voyages then marvel as you balance a 963-tonne national treasure on just one hand.

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