Broad Reaching with Andrew Cross

Make Room

It was a sunny Sunday and as I looked longingly at sailboats racing beyond the breakwater, I knew we had more important things to do. Next to me, our boat appeared to have gotten seasick all over the dock. With the contents of our deck lockers strewn about, to an untrained eye the scene appeared to be the cruising version of spring-cleaning. But this was no ordinary cleaning job; it was nesting.

That’s right, a new crewmember is on the way (within a month) meaning that our sailing home is now filled with gear of a different sort, baby gear. Sure, all the usual sailor stuff is still aboard, but it’s now sharing space with tiny clothes, baby books and a breast pump that, in a pinch, I’m pretty sure I could use to empty the bilge. It’ll be a few years before junior is jumping the main halyard or taking night watches, but he’s well on his way.

Enjoy this week’s edition.

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