Cruising Shot of the Week

For the love of beautiful anchorages we want to sail here! Thanks to Katie Thomsen for this beautiful shot from Baie Ire at Lifou, one of the Loyalty Islands, in New Caledonia.

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Spring Wind

With daylight savings time less than two weeks away, the countdown to spring sailing is officially on. While walking home to the boat last night we couldn’t help but notice blooming flowers, bright green lawns and sprouting buds on the tips of shrubs and trees, signaling warmer days and more daylight ahead. Yes, spring is in the air – in Seattle at least – and for many northern boat owners, the change of season means getting the boat ready for spring/summer/fall cruising.

With all that goes into getting your boat ready, don’t forget to pull out the charts (yes, those still exist) to sit down and plan your next cruising adventure. Whether it’s for a weekend or the entire summer, the mental exercise of putting a passage plan to paper will not only get your mind off the bottom job you have to do, but will invigorate your cruiser sense and allow you to visualize the months of cruising you have ahead. Plus, it will dust off those much-needed navigation skills as well.

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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