OceansWatch is Looking for Volunteers

We realize that our projects represent once in a lifetime experiences and at first they could seem like a wonderful way to do some traveling in tropical islands. But our projects are purely for conservation and sustainable development work and we are looking for people dedicated to what we do and why. Below we have described what all our team members need in order to join us on projects and we encourage you to pursue joining us if you match these criteria:

To be committed conservationists or have a keen interest in helping others. This is our #1 essential requirement. When applying please discuss this in your cover letter including past initiatives you have been involved in.

Other helpful general attributes are:

Some sailing ability or at least a keen interest. If you get seasick often this may not be for you. We give lots of training so by the end of the trip you will be a good crew but we cannot start with all novices.

Maturity. We need you to have a high level of self knowledge – that you balance being sensitive to your own needs so that you stay happy and enthusiastic, with the needs of others so that you can offer mutual support. We need you to know and use your strengths, and manage your weaknesses, including the ability to take feedback for development.  If you find this hard to do, this may not be for you.

Common sense. We have had people on projects in the past that haven’t thought things through enough and as a result have broken vital equipment. As we operate in very remote locations, we need people who can demonstrate common sense and really look after our equipment. It’s often irreplaceable or very expensive.

An easy going attitude. Are you really easy going or does stuff “really bug you” If you sweat the small stuff, this is not for you! We like to get the job done really well and we like to have some fun too but conditions can be difficult for those not used to working in developing countries.

Responsibility. You need a strong sense of responsibility. The work can be tiring and with a boat load of kids on board in the communities most days it can be hard to complete work in a timely manner.  We undertake projects with a set of goals in mind and we need each team member to feel equally responsible for us achieving our goals.

An interest in diving and snorkelling. Many vacancies need expertise but we like to develop all participants to at least Reef Check standards so you should be enthusiastic and confident in the water.

Time commitment. Trips are usually for 6 months but we may consider volunteers for 3 months. You may also need to stay in New Zealand, USA or Australia for up to 2 months prior to the trip working on the boat and helping with project planning.

Financial commitment. We are a volunteer organization with limited funding so a donation of NZ$200 per week is required (all your basic living costs will be covered).

Paperwork. You must be appropriately insured. You must be able to pass a police test relevant to terrorism and child safety and not have a criminal record. Volunteers must pay for their own visas and take responsibility for ensuring their eligibility.

Depending on your role the start dates for 2013 will be from Mid March to late April. We may be able to take a second intake mid season, about late July but this incurs extra costs for the applicant as they will need to cover their own flights, which may be to a remote and thus expensive location.

Interested? Go here for more on specific Volunteer Positions

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