The Interview With A Cruiser Project

Thought the Interview With A Cruiser Project is on an intermission, there are tons of great interviews with experienced world cruisers…

Purpose. The purpose of the project is to record some of the wisdom of the masses of cruisers who are out there on the water for the dreamers and planners still at their desks, using a focused interview format.

Participants. The interviewees are cruisers who have cruised outside of their home country for more than 2 years. They could be still cruising or have completed their cruise. The interviewees are not in any way selected randomly but this is not a closed pool. Anyone may suggest themselves or a friend for an interview. See the FAQ page for more information on volunteering or suggesting an interviewee.
The interviewer is Livia from SV Estrellita 5.10b. An excellent overview of how the project was conceived can be found in an interview with Livia on Three Sheets NW.

Method. Livia asks the interviewees to respond from their personal experience and not to try to address all possible answers to any given question. Interviewees are asked to express how they cruise not how others should cruise. This is not a reference book on how to cruise but rather a sampling of real cruisers’ individual personal experiences.

Visit for more information.

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