Cruising Shot of the Week

Usually we steer clear of the big boys, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. We love this shot of a real cruising boat—Katie Thomsen’s HR 40 Tenaya—holding her own in St. John’s Harbour, Antigua.

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Dock Tale

From the comfort of my bunk I could tell the wind had shifted to the north and increased to 30 knots or more. Heavy rain soon followed and at three a.m. I decided to take a quick look on deck. Popping my head out of the companionway I did a visual check of dock lines and fenders—all good. But, as I scanned forward to the dock box and my bike, my heart sank. My bike, my most trustworthy mode of land transportation was gone!

In an instant, I leapt out from under the dodger into the cold rain and wind wearing nothing but boxers. Arriving at my noble steed’s empty hitching post, I reluctantly peered into the water expecting to see darkness. But wait—there it was! Hanging, caught by the very edge of it’s right pedal. In seemingly one motion I snatched my salty bike out of the water, threw it on the dock, grabbed a hose and sprayed like it was on fire. After the dousing, I found some spare line, lashed it to the dock box and ran shivering, wet and nearly naked back down below. While drying off and warming up I couldn’t help but chuckle and think, “had someone been videotaping, that would have made a great Video of the Week.”

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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