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I learned this trick for making oatmeal on a college backpacking trip, where we literally had to carry all the stove fuel on our backs. Believe me, we didn’t want to have to carry one bit more than we had to — but it was chilly and a hot breakfast each day sounded good.

Instant oatmeal can be hard to find in some places, and it’s usually more expensive when you do find it. But you don’t need it!  Old-fashioned oatmeal cooks up in just 5 minutes and doesn’t take any more cooking fuel than just bringing the water to a boil.

As we were standing in line for dinner at our first LoretoFest, I was talking with the cruiser in front of me. I don’t remember her name, but she said that her husband loved oatmeal for breakfast but she hated fixing it because all she could get was old-fashioned oatmeal and it just made the galley so hot. When I told her this way to make it, she immediately dubbed it “boatmeal” and the name stuck.

Per serving:

1 cup water

1/3 cup oatmeal

dash salt

Optional:  dried fruit, raisins, dates, nuts, cinnamon

Put everything except any optional nuts in a pan and mix together.  Cover and bring to a boil.  Immediately turn the stove off and let it 5 minutes, covered.

Serve, adding nuts over the top if desired (if boiled, nuts lose their crispness).


Boatmeal is just one of the recipes in The Boat Galley Cookbook, all of which are designed to be easy to cook on a boat.  Some, such as this, have innovative cooking techniques.  Others offer easy ways to prepare old favorites with electrical appliances while others offer numerous substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients.

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