Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Quinn Morris for this sweet shot of the Golden Gate Bridge peeking up through the San Francisco fog!

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Land Ho!

Let’s be honest, not every trip offshore is smooth sailing. Rough weather, unrelenting sleeplessness, incessant rolling, soggy clothing and the occasional (for some) bout of seasickness can make offshore sailing an uncomfortable mode of transportation. So why do we do it? Why is it that sailors unflinchingly come back for more, time and time again?

Every sailor who has completed an ocean passage can rattle off a list of things they love about passagemaking. But one of the most addictively euphoric reasons has to be making landfall. The sheer emotion of spotting land on the horizon has the power to wash away all the discomfort, hard work and countless hours of preparation it took to get you to that point. Heck, there is even a phrase to shout out when the moment arrives. So when you are out there in the clutches of discomfort, remember, eventually you’re going to bump into land.

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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