Saving Your Best Friend’s Life with Safety at Sea

What you can learn at a Safety at Sea seminar may save your best friend’s life and help you calmly manage a crisis at sea.  Safety at Sea seminars are required for 30% of the crew participating in the Marion Bermuda and Marblehead Halifax races and all of the major East coast offshore races.  Safety at Sea seminars are also recommended for return delivery crews and other offshore sailors, as well as for skippers and crew of coastal races and those sailors interested in improving safety knowledge for long distance passage-making.

A sailor who attended the 2011 Safety at Sea seminar recently experienced being aboard a sinking vessel on a delivery from Honduras to Turks&Caicos.  He indicated that “the whole experience: attempt at saving the vessel, abandon ship, life raft experience and rescue by a passing container ship all ran exactly as is covered in both our safety at sea lecture and the followup training by LRSE (Life Raft and Survival Equipment)”… “I cannot stress enough the value of this training in calmly managing the crisis while maintaining personal safety during a midnight to 0400 crisis at sea.”

The Blue Water Sailing Club, one of the three hosting clubs of the Marion Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race, will be hosting the U.S. Sailing sanctioned Safety at Sea Symposium, on March 23-24, at state-of-the-art University of Massachusetts/Boston campus.

Details and Registration at

The agenda on Saturday, March 23, will once again be moderated by acknowledged safety at sea expert, John Rousmaniere, and will include a very experienced group of speakers to address a series of topics which are of vital interest to all serious sailors, including: crew overboard recovery; communications; medical/seasickness; heavy weather; steering maintenance and repair; pyrotechnics, signaling and life raft inflation and more. In addition to the safety topics there will be special breakout sessions for the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race and the Marion Bermuda Race.

Sunday, March 24 is comprised of Practical, Hands on Training Safety Seminars: Emergency Medical Care at Sea (Dr. Michael Jacobs), Understanding Weather & Gulf Stream (Frank Bohlen and Ken McKinley) and In-Water Training (Dan O’Connor/Life Raft and Survival Equipment).

On-site registration will begin at 0700, March 23, 2013. The program begins promptly at 0730 and is scheduled to continue until 1600. Sessions on Sunday, March 24 are staggered to allow completion of the full curriculum.

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