Man Overboard App

The Man Overboard App for iPhone from Intelligent Maintenance is super simple to use.

Hit the MOB button. Use the on-screen coordinates to call in to the Coastguard. Follow the big on-screen arrow to get back to the MOB point. This App does its job.

IM CEO and sailor Adrian Stanway says, “A man overboard situation happens more often than you think. A simple trip on some deck clutter; a knock from the boom; leaning back on a lifeline that snaps. Suddenly someone’s in the water”. “The problem is that even at quite low speeds, the boat can be 500 yards from the person in less than a minute. The remaining crew just cannot see the person at that distance and against the background of waves. It’s always life threatening and sadly, often fatal”.

It is encouraging that many people are using the MOB App as a Man Overboard practice aid. All boaters know they should practice MOB techniques regularly but few actually get round to doing it. The App makes it fun to practice, especially for young people for whom using Apps is second nature. A popular way is to use a couple of fenders tied together to take the role of the MOB.

The key to a successful recovery is speed. The body loses heat 25 times faster in the water than in the air. It only takes 10 -15 minutes for body core temperature to drop to a point where arms and legs go numb and lose function. Sadly, swimming just wastes valuable body heat. That is why getting to the person as quickly as possible is absolutely essential.

IM’s CEO said, “We are proud to have given over 1000 people a better chance of staying safe on the water”.

Man Overboard for iPhone is available from iTunes worldwide.

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