Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Dave & Janie Baur for this beautiful double rainbow shot taken on Christmas morning in the BVI’s! That is one lucky catamaran.

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A Houseboat?

While traveling for the holidays, I engaged in several conversations with people who had a hard time grasping what life aboard is like. Many would start by asking, “so, how’s your houseboat?” To this I would smile, because technically speaking, it is my house, and it is a boat. But, I wanted to throw my hands in the air and say, “it’s not a houseboat, it’s a sailboat!” I didn’t of course, that does no good, and so I played along, offering up a landlubber version of what living on a sailboat means.

When the news broke that I don’t own a microwave or television, they looked at me like I had ten heads. I don’t have ten heads though; they wouldn’t fit on my sailboat. A few times, the response to my explanation was, “oh, like camping.” I’ve heard that before, and it’s always amusing. What I think they really meant was, “oh, you live simply.” That, in fact, is probably more accurate. In living terms, sailors live simply.

Enjoy this week’s edition campers.


Andrew Cross

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