Abandoned Yacht last seen 700 miles WSW of the Canary Islands

The yacht, S/V Freewind, is a 55 foot ketch rigged sailing vessel. She suffered a total steering system failure during her trans-Atlantic passage and after consultation with the Coast Guard, it was decided to abandon her.

She was abandoned late on Dec 26, 2012. The last known position was N 22 18.2 W 026 45.4 some 700 miles WSW of the Canary Islands.

The crew of S/V Freewind, Frank and Jan Balmer, were taken on board a cargo ship bound for the port of Trombetas, Brazil. The crew are expected to arrive in Brazil on Jan 4, 2013.

Before abandoning her, Freewind had been sealed against water ingress but reportedly suffered some damage during the crew transfer to the freighter. If anyone sights this vessel, please contact Edmund Steele at fjfreewind@hotmail.com or brandigroce@gmail.com

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