Cruising Dice?

Two giant orange dice were launched from Gran Canaria on December 12, 2012 as part of a “pure chance” project. Mariners should keep a good look out!

The organizers of this “sculpture” project, would like to warn mariners of their existence and are asking mariners to please report them if they see them.

The French naval architect, Francois Rougier, devised the structure for the dice. Each die is composed of 8 watertight compartments each of which constitutes a corner of the die. These compartments are held together by 6 panels one of which is located on each face of each die. The dice are designed to be unstable and will roll with the wind and the waves. They are made from bio-composites and are 100% recyclable.

The internal face of each die is equipped with a beacon which transmits the position of the die.

The voyage of Aqua Dice will serve as a feasibility study for unmanned, non-sail, wind powered Trans-Atlantic shipping.

AquaDice are designed to be highly visible at sea. The bodies of the dice are painted a bright phosphorescent orange with blue pips on each face. In addition each face has constantly flashing lights visible up to 5 kilometers and with lifespans of 2 years. The beacons provide electronic signals.

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