Cruising Shot of the Week

May I borrow a cup of rainbow, please? A great shot from BWS‘ Scott Akerman while running towards St. Lucia during the ARC!

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Live and Learn

It is understandable that cruising sailors are incessant, and sometimes fanatical, learners. Whether you cruise on the weekends or around the globe, each time you get out and get the sails up is a learning opportunity. And that is just it—the constant acquisition of knowledge when living on a cruising sailboat keeps the mind engaged. Take the physical act of sailing out, and you are still left with a host of skills to be proficient at: navigation, weather, rigging, engine maintenance, electrical systems, sail repair, plumbing, knots, anchoring and the list could go on.

While out cruising, think about how much you learn and teach yourself and your crew. Be proud of that, keep learning, and don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and advice with other cruisers. We’re a better community for it.

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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