Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Bud Elkin and April White for this shot of a beautiful Gulf Coast sunset!

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Sailor Sense

Cruising sailors live in a sensory world. Our eyes adjust in the dark to see lights on the horizon. Sounds, like the wind rushing through the rig or water lapping against the hull, let us know if we’ve shifted at anchor. A single whiff of propane, diesel or gasoline will set off a mental safety alert. Feeling the wheel or tiller in our hands communicates how well our boat is balanced. And, have you every tasted bilge water? Sometimes it is the only way to diagnose a potential leak.

This ability to be completely in tune with our senses is an incredible part of the cruising lifestyle. Next time you’re out, cherish your sailor senses when the wind awakens you at night or when you spot a tiny red light on the horizon, but please, don’t taste too much water in your bilge.

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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