Call of the Sea

Call of the Sea is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit with the mission of connecting people to the sea and maritime traditions. Our teaching platform is the lovely 82′ schooner, Seaward. Our goal is to offer the benefits of connecting with the sea and sailing to all people, with a special focus on empowering youth of all backgrounds. Our programs range from three hours to two weeks long, primarily taking place on San Francisco Bay, but occasionally ranging as far as Baja Mexico. Operations are based in Sausalito, California.

Call of the Sea offers programs that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with the sea on a traditional sailing vessel. Educational content focuses on marine sciences, nautical heritage, the environment of the bay and ocean, and maritime careers. Our programs are designed to keep students involved, active and connected with the maritime world.

Bay Explorations, a three-hour sail, includes hands-on learning stations in sailing, California coastal history, navigation, and bay ecology. It aligns with 4th and 5th grade state curriculum, but is appropriate for grades 4-12.

Voyage Seaward is a youth-oriented sail training adventure for teenagers designed to build self-confidence, self-awareness, discipline, and the teamwork and leadership skills inherent in being part of a ship’s crew. These trips give youth the unique opportunity to work as a team as they sail on a challenging 5-day, 4-night or 3-day, 2-night voyage on the bay and sometimes beyond.

We also work with other bay area nonprofits, schools, and youth groups such as Canal Alliance (San Rafael), Tall Ship Education Academy (San Francisco), Lake Merritt Boathouse (Oakland), Kids for the Bay (Berkeley), Waldorf School (San Francisco), and  youth-at-risk groups to provide Customized Educational Programs. Schooner Seaward is a great bridge to the Bay and California coast and we welcome the opportunity to work with local programs.

We also have programs for the young-at-heart (adults) and for families! A variety of special events and Private Charters as well asPublic Sails round out Seaward’s programs. Friday Sunset Sails, Sunday Family Adventure Sails and challenging Farallon, Drake’s Bay, and Mexico Voyages help connect the public to San Francisco Bay and beyond.

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