Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to BWS’s Scott Akerman for this shot of the ARC 2012 fleet in Las Palmas!

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Just Go

While watching the rising sun illuminate the snow-covered peaks of the Olympic Mountains, I knew our decision to head out cruising over the Thanksgiving weekend had paid off. Weeks before, we hemmed and hawed about whether or not to take off for the holiday, but decided to disregard our nonsensical list of “what if’s” and go for it anyway.

We were not disappointed as the rewards of off-season cruising in the Pacific Northwest were sweet. Vacant marinas and anchorages, beautiful weather, and empty hiking trails greeted us – and we even cooked a full Thanksgiving meal in one of our favorite spots.  On Sunday as we reached back across the Sound I couldn’t help but remark, “I wish we could just keep going.”

Cruises like these prove that sometimes you have to just go for it and the rewards will be there.

Enjoy this week’s edition.


Andrew Cross

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