Gori Props Provide Overdrive Under Sail and Power!

It is well known that a fixed 3-blade propeller generates huge amounts of drag when sailing, but there is an option that reduces drag, gives you up to an extra knot when sailing and improves your efficiency under power — the unique 3-blade Gori propeller! Not all sailboat propellers are alike. Only one 3-blade sailboat propeller gives you the advantage of full thrust in both forward and reverse (it is actually better than a fixed propeller in reverse). Plus, the “overdrive” function in forward for motoring in calm waters gives you improved fuel economy and a greater cruising range, typically up to 20 percent. The Gori prop also has the lowest drag of all types of 3-blade propellers — fixed, feathering or folding. This has been well documented by the German magazine Die Yacht. Available from 15” through 30”, for shafts and sail drives.

Find out more and calculate your new Gori propeller size at www.gori-propeller.com.

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