The Future of Weather Data is Now on Your Mac

WeatherNet 3 for Mac responds to the expanding number of Mac users in the marine marketplace, the incessant need for weather and ocean data in that environment, and the demand for the affordable delivery of these data by fulfilling quests for weather and ocean data like no service before it. For a decade, WeatherNet has warehoused the most robust collection of weather, ocean and fishing data on the planet.

As it has since its first day, the patented WeatherNet data transfer engine continues to hold the preeminent position in the accelerated delivery of content across all satellite and wireless platforms. These twin pillars of content diversity and file transfer performance are now integrated together in unprecedented fashion with the launch of WeatherNet 3’s Portal mode and its imbedded intelligent Content Wizard.

The Content Wizard personalizes WeatherNet’s vast content library to the specific weather, ocean and fishing interests of the individual user. It’s Portal mode then stages selections for the rapid and reliable global delivery of these products via satellite or cellular, wired or wireless connections.

The soul of WeatherNet is its content library. With it, WeatherNet becomes the only resource with:

  • co-located GRIB weather and ocean data,
  • text information,
  • classic weather charts,
  • buoy,
  • radar,
  • satellite imagery,
  • tides,
  • ice data and much more

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