Pioneers in “Zero Emissions Transoceanic Sailing”

The Vendée Globe is set to kick off, and the 100% eco-powered Open 60 Acciocia, skippered by Javier “Bubi” Sansó, might be one of the most interesting entrants in the race’s storied history – if nothing else, it’s at least the most eco-friendly.

Check out this cool video about the boat.

Our project is to create a competitive, safe, and–for the first time in its class–100% sustainable, self-sufficient ship. A ship capable of needing no fossil fuels of any kind throughout its entire useful life. This sustainable spirit extends beyond shipboard life to areas such as our working space, our vehicles and even the clothes we wear. The R&D areas we’re developing in this project are energy consumption, production and storage.

We believe now is the time to jettison the old belief of “One man against nature in a race around the world” and propose “Around the world with Nature.” For the trip, we will draw on sustainable kinds of energy such as solar, wind and hydrodynamic energy, using them to cover all the mechanical and electronic needs of the boat and her skipper.

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