The Salty Dawgs are Getting Ready!

The Fall 2012 Salty Dawg Rally will depart on November 4 (weather permitting) from Blue Water Yachting Center in Hampton, VA (or other location of your choice) to sail to the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, or other locations.

You should plan to arrive in Hampton at least a few days before the start of the Rally to prepare your boat for the passage, join in the various events and meet your fellow Dawgs! There will be daily weather briefings, get-togethers, seminars and potluck dinners. Join the Dawgs for a night of steel drums, guitars and singing at Marker 20 in Hampton, VA on November 2 with Donna Lange and Bob Philburn performing! If this doesn’t get you into the Island mood, nothing will.

Need crew? Contact Hank Schmitt of Offshore Sailing Opportunities (OPO) at:
Phone: 1-800-4PASSAGE

Official Salty Dawg Rally flags and hats will be for sale to help defray the ongoing costs of running the rally.

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