Speeddream Sails!

Like many great projects, SpeedDream started on the back of an envelope, a series ofsketches outlining an idea that would one day become (providing it all worked) the world’s fastest monohull. But it’s a long way from sketch to reality, and for a while the drawings sat lifeless in a desk drawer. Vlad Murnikov had other things to do, like earn a living as an architect, and the innovative ideas sketched out were nothing more than that; innovative ideas.

One of the most striking things about the sketches was a keel that seemed able to be canted in excess of 80 degrees. Canting keels have long become standard on performance monohulls but their range was limited, confined by hull shape and restrictive class rules. Vlad was not thinking of rules. His idea was to be the fastest and the only way to achieve this was to leave rules aside and introduce some new creativity into old ideas. Canting the keel in excess of 80 degrees meant that when the boat heeled it would come out of the water and in doing so reduce drag and increase efficiency. In fact the whole SpeedDream concept was based on increasing efficiency and not on applying brute force as much of modern yacht design seems intent on doing.

While Vlad discussed his design with engineers and other naval architects he needed someone who could articulate his vision to a broad audience, and that is where I came in. I was intrigued and more than a little interested, but neither Vlad nor I were in any position to start a new venture, especially one that was intended to change the sailing world. The sketches, however, were powerful forces and before we both knew it we were fully committed. Our goal was simple: to refine the design and build a prototype. The boat would not only be a test bed for a larger record setter, it would serve as a symbol of the unique styling and innovation of all future Vlad Murnikov designs. The aft-raked wave piercing bow and sculpted hull shape could be applied to a broad section of cruising boats to add distinction as well as enhance performance. Indeed the company formed, mxSpeedDream, has a complete portfolio of designs ranging from a 16-foot skiff to a 130-foot Super Yacht.

For more on Speeddream visit speeddreamblog.blogspot.com

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