Couples: Thinking of a Catamaran? Sample a Cat’ for your next vacation!

Catamarans are becoming increasingly popular but they sail and handle in a completely different way than a monohull. As we age, comfort becomes more important and many folks are considering retiring to the sailing life aboard a multihull. Sample the cruising lifestyle on a Catamaran with sailing educators Captains Jeff & Jean from Two Can Sail with a focus on couples learning to sail together as a team. No heeling, no yelling, just enjoy sailing the tropical island breezes while you get the hands on experience of operating a large cruising Cat.

Explore these locations with Jeff & Jean this season:

Belize Dec 15th – 21st 2012 (only one stateroom left)

Antigua May 4th – 11th 2013

Bahamas June 29th – July 6th 2103 (Abaco’s Sailing Week).

For more information on these catamaran cruising vacations, and other educational offerings designed for couples, visit:

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