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Two things we love on their own…they must be good together!

Dessert Pizza

Make half a batch of pizza dough using 1/4 c sugar. After letting it rise, spread it out on a well-greased pizza sheet, leaving a well-designated crust around the edge.

Peel, core, and thinly slice 3 apples.  Place on pizza dough, spreading evenly. Make sure pizza crust edge is higher than the apple pieces.

In a bowl, mix:

-       3 eggs, well beaten

-       1 1/2 c granulated sugar

-       1 Tb brown sugar

-       1/4 c flour

-       1 tsp baking powder

-       3+ Tb cinnamon

-       1/2 Tb allspice

Pour over apples. Do not over-fill pizza crust edges. Top with: 1/3 c chopped pecans

Bake 20-40 minutes until crust is lightly golden and topping is firm. Cool 10 minutes or longer. Cut into pieces and serve.

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