Video of the Week: Runaway Boat Takes Out Island’s Power

Dauphin Island, Alabama is without power, and it’s not due to Isaac’s heavy rains or gusting winds.

A boater had to be rescued last night trying to sail in incredibly choppy conditions. The sailboat with sails still raised had to be abandoned, but the ship somehow managed to sail itself.

The boat sailed down past condominiums near the base of the Dauphin Island Bridge, and ran into the power line that supplies the entire island with electricity.  After busting one of the lines, the sailboat somehow managed to turn itself around and start sailing back into the open waters of the Gulf.

Crews have been working to try and corral the boat to keep it from doing any more damage.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Dauphin Island Causeway has been closed to all traffic, and police will be enforcing a curfew from 8:00 pm until 6:00 pm.

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