Cruising Shot of the Week

Thanks to Ken Bircher for this shot of Majestic Spirit hangin’ out in a sweet anchorage near Palma Majorca.

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Only a Sailor

The boat is nestled back in her slip, dock lines taught, fenders placed, and shore power connected.  Now comes one of my favorite parts of sailing, or…not sailing I guess. With a hose in one hand, and sometimes a cold beer in the other, I begin my meditative and therapeutic process of hosing down a salty boat.  The saltier the boat the more I seem to get from the ritual. Lots of sailors relish their first shower after a time at sea, but for some reason I take immense joy in hitting all those salt crystals with a stream of fresh water.  The stainless, bright work, canvas, blocks, and fiberglass all seem to let out a collective sigh of appreciation once they’re clean.

For me, it’s a time to reflect on the journey.  Every trip on the water is different so the rumination takes a slightly different tack with each cleaning.  Simple things in sailing – and life for that matter – like hosing down a salty boat, are perfect moments to take your mind to a place of quiet contemplation.  That place is probably different for every sailor.  Have fun finding your salty boat to hose down.

Enjoy this week’s Cruising Compass.


Andrew Cross

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