A Voice for Healthy Oceans

SeaWeb is the only international nonprofit organization exclusively dedicated to using the science of communications to fundamentally shift the way people interact with the ocean. The organization shines a spotlight on workable, science-based solutions to the most serious threats facing the ocean and works collaboratively with targeted sectors to encourage policies and behaviors that result in a healthy, thriving ocean. By informing and empowering diverse ocean voices and conservation champions, SeaWeb is creating a culture of ocean conservation.

From SeaWeb’s website:

Key Ocean Issues

Our initiatives and resources focus on some of the most significant threats to the ocean and therefore the health of our planet and ourselves: depletion of marine life, pollution, ocean acidification and climate change. We also recognize that ocean conservation is best achieved with an ecosystem-based, cross-cultural and multi-sectoral approach. With your help, we can achieve a healthy ocean.

Our Approach

Marine issues are complex and involve many different viewpoints and stakeholders. SeaWeb combines a unique, collaborative approach and strategic communications with sound science to catalyze positive change for our ocean.

First we harness the power of social science techniques, such as conducting in-depth interviews and opinion surveys, to gain insight into human perceptions, behavior and level of knowledge about marine issues. This social marketing research and the latest ocean science guide our communications so we can effectively raise awareness of critical issues through our campaigns and other outreach. Once we have built momentum around marine issues, we then dissolve boundaries and broker constructive dialogue among stakeholders to forge strong ocean policies and innovative market solutions to ocean threats.

We continue to educate, engage and inspire the ocean spokespeople, champions and partners we cultivate through our various initiatives, activities and resources. Through this collaboration and continuous engagement, SeaWeb weaves together multiple, diverse and powerful ocean voices, those who can serve as living examples of how we all can work toward achieving a healthy ocean.

For more information visit www.seaweb.org

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