Looking for the Latest Technology in Antifouling Paint?

Crossover to Pacifica Plus! Pacifica Plus is a high performance copper-free antifouling paint that keeps your hull clean – any waters, any boat type! Pacifica Plus was launched three years ago and was the first of its kind in the yacht market. Since then, the product has continued to impress and fans of the product continue to rave about its performance. Pacifica Plus is also formulated to meet the most stringent VOC regulations in the country. This Interlux product contains Econea to combat shell fouling & Biolux(r) Technology to control slime. Pacifica Plus erodes away over time, which reduces paint build-up and minimizes surface preparation when it is time to recoat. The fast-dry properties of Pacifica Plus allow boats to be painted and launched the same day. Available in clean, crisp colors including blue, green, black and red. Compatible with most other antifouling paints. Ideal for use on all underwater metal surfaces including fiberglass, wood and aluminum. Manufactured and for sale in the USA only. Get more info at www.yachtpaint.com/usa or contact your nearest Interlux® dealer.

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