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I love to see shots of sailboats actually sailing! Thanks to Frost Gardner for this spinnaker shot while on a trip in the Bahamas

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You know that moment when the sails are up and set and you turn the engine off? Yeah, me too. The noise is perfectno more belching diesel, just the pull of the wind in the sails and the rush of water past the hull. That is one of my favorite moments on a cruising sailboat. I don’t remember the first time I experienced it, I was too young, but I don’t need to. I share that moment with as many people as I can. Lately, we have had a string of first-timers aboard and that moment strikes them like no other. Then, once they leave the boat it creeps back insubconsciously, maybebut it does. That’s when I get a text or email that says “Hey Andy, what are you doing this weekend?” I know what they want. They want sailing.

Whether it’s a short sunset cruise or a weekend jaunt, do your best to get people out who have never experienced sailing. You’ll be glad you did. Before you know it, those friends will be dockside with a twinkle in their eye, eager to help, and possibly toting a six-pack!

Enjoy this week’s Cruising Compass.


Andrew Cross

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