Boats Collide Off Delaware

Eight people and one pet cat were rescued Friday, July 13, when a sportfishing boat collided with a sailboat in the Atlantic Ocean off Delaware, officials said. No one was injured.

The collision occurred about 4 a.m. seven miles east of Bethany Beach, said U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Michael Kristiansen.

Crew members at the Indian River Coast Guard Station heard a mayday call over VHF marine radio after the 41-foot sailboat Obsession collided with the 35-foot sportfishing boat, Line Item.

The Line Item, carrying six people, quickly began to take on water and started sinking, Kristiansen said.

A Coast Guard crew from Indian River Inlet arrived and rescued the six fishermen, who had left the Indian River Marina on Friday morning and were on their way out to the canyons to fish for tuna, Kristiansen said.

The 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter Ibis, from Cape May, N.J., then arrived and crew members deployed a small boat and rescued two sailors and a cat from the Obsession. All were wearing life jackets.

Kristiansen did not provide any information on where the two sailors aboard the sailboat were from or were headed.

He urged mariners to use safe boating practices, such as wearing life vests , outfitting the vessel with a VHF-FM radio and filing a float plan.

“These mariners utilized vital life-saving equipment on hand, which aided in the safe, effective and timely rescue efforts of all involved,” Kristiansen said.

The rescued boaters were taken to the Indian River Coast Guard Station. The sailing vessel Obsession was salvaged by Tow Boat U.S.

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