Cruising Shot of the Week

We planned to be off the dock Tuesday night.  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday came and went and our dock lines were still hitched to the same cleats.  Oh well, Friday it is then.  And just like that our grand 5-day plan was shaved in half.  That’s how cruising goes though, so we amended the itinerary and shoved off.

Cruisers, more than most, know that plans can change in an instant.  Weather, tides, boat issues, and a variety of unforeseen circumstances will wreak havoc on even the best-laid float plan.  How we react and flow with those changes is what makes the cruising life fun and interesting.  In my experience, a good bit of the unknown is what keeps cruisers hooked on the lifestyle.

Don’t worry if you’re forced to change your perfect cruising itinerary.  You never know how good the new plan can be.

Enjoy this week’s Cruising Compass!


Andrew Cross

Thanks to Marc Semaille for this stunning dolphin shot taken during a recent passage from France to Corsica.

Do you have cool shots from your cruising adventures?  Send them to me at

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