Cruising Shot of the Week

In preparing a boat for cruising it seems like to-do-lists never end.  Cruising sailors are gluttons for punishment though, we love listing and organizing and the more we get into boat projects the more the lists grow and the less organized things seem to be.  The great part is, once you actually get away from the dock the bleeding stops.  When those sails go up and your course is made good, all the lists and frustrating projects that never went as easily as planned vanish from the mind.

Here’s to hoping your boat projects haven’t lasted this far into the summer and that you are reading this edition of Cruising Compass after taking the dinghy ashore to find any available source of internet!


Andrew Cross

Sunsets seem to get the most play these days so I thought this beautiful early morning shot in Baja sent in by Randy Dale would make a good CSOTW.

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