The Pink Boat

The Pink Boat (Darwind) has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the pursuit of preventing and curing breast cancer and saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of women each year through sailing.

Thomas Watson is sailing around the world on Darwind to raise $1 million for breast cancer research. The route takes him south of the five great capes with no crew, no engine, and no stops for a world with no cancer!

The voyage is a non-stop solo Round The World (RTW) sail aboard a traditionally ballasted 28.5 foot Pearson Triton sailboat. The adventure starts October 1st, 2013 from San Francisco. From there, Watson will head south and round the Galapagos Islands to starboard, the Easter Islands to port, Cape Horn to port, Tristan da Cuhna Island to starboard, Cape Leeuwin to port, Southeast Cape of Tasmania to port, Southwest Cape of New Zealand to port, Hawaii Islands to starboard and finally returning under the Golden Gate Bridge.

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