Sailstice is this weekend!

Competitors in the Clipper Round the World Race will be celebrating somewhere in the North Atlantic.  Where will you be?  There are plenty of opportunities to get out on water!


1. Just by signing up and going sailing on the solstice, you’re eligible to win over 400 prizes.

2. The summer solstice weekend has the longest sailing days of the year, so you should be planning to go sailing anyway, right?

3. Post your plans and invite your friends – by letting everyone know where, when and how you’re celebrating sailing you’ll help create new sailing holiday traditions.

4. School’s out for summer. Best if you’re a student or a teacher, but either way it’s not just the summer season, it’s the sailing season!

5. You don’t have to bake a turkey, wrap presents, dress in green, hide eggs or march in a parade – since Summer Sailstice is your holiday, you’re free to develop your own creative traditions.

6. 20 years from now when Summer Sailstice becomes a three-day holiday weekend with Monday off, you’ll remember how you helped get it all started.

7. All the clouds and rain will be in the Southern Hemisphere that day and sailors in the Northern Hemisphere will have 24 hours of sunshine! Conversely, the opposite will happen on December 21st.

8. Let’s face it …everyone needs a deadline. If you don’t have your boat ready for summer sailing by the solstice, you’ve already missed too much of the sailing season

9. As they, say ‘the meek shall inherit the earth, the brave get the oceans.’ Be brave, sign up and go sailing.

10. Did we mention sailing, friends, parties, prizes – do you really need an excuse to go sailing on the longest day of the year?

As a bonus, Blue Water Sailing is raffling off dozens of subscriptions to entrants! Find and event here

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