Spirit of Bermuda

A cool story, followed by some fun videos.  Wishing the crew of Spirit of Bermuda well in the upcoming Newport to Bermuda Race and in their future endeavors!

“The Spirit of Bermuda is not your average tall ship. From quality of  craftsmanship (bermudian cedar in the head and a viking range in the galley) to its operating mission the boat is unique. During the school year it acts as a middle school rite of passage, takes Bermudian youth on weeklong expeditions around the island. During the summer it embarks on longer voyages. The mission is based around experiential education and most importantly, character building.

“These kids are bright, each and every one, but for a handful that feel uncomfortable walking in a neighborhood that isn’t their own, this program is the beginning of their realization that there is a way off the island and a means of accomplishing their dreams and aspirations. There’s nothing cooler than watching one of these kids at the helm of a multimillion dollar yacht.”

The Spirit of Bermuda will be competing in the 2012 Newport to Bermuda Race.

Watch video of the crew here, courtesy of  www.sailingscuttlebutt.com

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