Odeo Flare Offers Longer Lasting, Safer Laser Flare Signal

The Odeo Flare brings updated technology to a crucial safety item at sea. Unlike traditional flares which require explosives to activate and only last for about 30 seconds, the Odeo Flare is a laser flare that operates on three L91 lithium iron-disulphide cells continuously for five hours and at reduced power thereafter. The laser has five independently driven laser diodes that provide full upper hemisphere coverage as well as coverage 20 degrees below horizontal. Because it is battery powered, it is completely safe when turned off and can easily be transported in your carry-on luggage. It’s also only 10.5″ long and weighs less than one pound which makes it easy to transport. The Odeo Flare is made from salt-water resistant materials to prevent corrosion and is buoyant. While the Odeo Flare isn’t yet approved as a replacement for pyrotechnic flares, it is in the process of getting the approval, and it still would be a great piece of equipment to have on board in case of emergency. For more information, go to www.odeoflare.co.uk.

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