Ocean State Tall Ships Festival to Feature 12 Ships

If you want to see a collection of historic ships all gathered in one harbor, this is the summer to do it. The Ocean State Tall Ships Festival 2012 is scheduled for July 6 – 9 in Newport, RI’s downtown waterfront and is set to feature 12 ships and draw thousands of spectators and visitors.

“We are so excited that many of the nation’s premier vessels have signed on to attend the festival this summer,” said Erin Donovan, Executive Director of Ocean State Tall Ships Festival 2012. ”

This event will be enjoyed by people of all ages, and will provide a much needed economic boost to Newport and the state,” she concluded.

The immensely popular HMS Bounty, built for the 1962 movie, “Mutiny on the Bounty”, and most recently featured in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest”, will take part in the festival. Additionally, the Picton Castle, Mystic Whaler, the Pride of Baltimore II, the Tree of Life, Unicorn, Lynx, Providence, Gazela, the Spirit of Massachusetts, Summerwind and The Sir Martin II are certain to bring inspiration and educational experiences for all ages.

Courtesy of www.riyachting.com.

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