It’s a Boat, It’s a Plane, It’s the Flying Yacht!

While we wouldn’t want to have one in our harbor due to its sheer size, we think The Flying Yacht is pretty cool and we’re curious to see if they take off (pun intended). The Flying Yacht appears to be more blimp than boat, but it is technically considered a boat and would operate under maritime  law. While this yacht (available as both a monohull and multihull) can cruise the seas like a typical yacht, it also can combine ground effect lift with partial aerostatic lift to cruise at 100 to 300 feet above the water. It operates on customized turbo diesel engines with large propellers with a low RPM to reduce noise and fuel consumption. But if the flying option wasn’t enough to impress you, then check out the interiors. With 12,000 square feet of living space on two levels that can be custom configured to suit your needs (including with a partial glass floor so that you can enjoy the sea life below) you could set up quite a pad for entertaining hundreds of your closest friends. Large external decks and balconies just add to the entertaining space, and if you choose the multihull option, you’ll enjoy and additional 11,000-square foot upper deck. Can you say superyacht? While it’s likely that The Flying Yacht will be put to use more for sightseeing operations than private use, we’re interested in seeing what happens with it. For all the details, go to

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